Case Histories

More Oil. Less Water.

70 year old well recompletion paid out in 22 days using Roke through pipe Quad evaluation and interpretation

This remediation was an economic success because, not only did the QUAD identify the oil and water, but there are natural permeability isolations (low porosity and/or higher clay content) above and below the new completion interval. There are other oil shows, but without permeability isolations to water, and these recompletions would likely fail


Are you thinking of applications you might have right now, but wonder “Why is the Quad any better than my original Open Hole logs or competitor Pulsed Neutron Tools?” Of course there is a lot of nuclear physics and techniques involved, but the best short answers are:

  • Clay Content considerations,
  • Porosity considerations, and
  • Roke’s QUAD enabled Litho-Liquid Overlay (QLO) techniques.

Often overlooked or perhaps improperly corrected are the sometimes dramatic effects of porosity and especially clay content on log measurements. The QUAD measures both these properties with the same combination of detectors, effectively eliminating many of the complicating factors. The QLO (overlay) techniques further remove the masking environmental, fluid, and mechanical effects, so that subtle changes in real properties are revealed, giving you the best chance of improving well economics.

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