Vent Flow Solutions

Unlike most cased hole wireline service providers, when working on vent flow issues with Roke, you get top notch proprietary logging tools, diagnostic surface monitoring, industry leading experience, together with consultation and solid recommendations throughout an integrated process that results in greater remedial success.

The Roke Vent Flow logging tools and log suite are custom tailored to the specific requirements of vent flow remediations.

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Three logging tools are employed to generate the Log suite above.
1) Sound Hound
2) Radial Cement Bond Tool
3) Quad Neutron

Roke’s Sound Hound is a unique two noise detector tool which, not only determines potential source points, but assists in identifying the direction of flow. Downhole memory of the entire sound file results in un-paralleled attenuation of interfering line noise so relevant noise events are not missed.

The Quad Neutron is described in detail here. For vent flow applications, the Quad is ideal for identifying current gas accumulation and sources. It also provides clay content and porosity, through pipe, to assist in identifying potential zero/low permeability cap rock intervals which are ideal as intervention points.