Roke Technologies Ltd. specializes in delivering reliable and proven reservoir evaluation through pipe using our unique Quad Neutron Technology.  Through extensive nuclear modeling and analysis of empirical results in downhole applications, we continue to develop the Quad technology.  Clients across the globe are utilizing the unique Quad measurement and interpretation methods in unlocking previously unfound resources We have a proud legacy of Research & Development, and this continues today.  We control all aspects of the tool development process within our base facilities.  Mechanical and electronic design, software development, tool assembly, testing, and characterization are key components of our operation.

The client experience drives our innovation.  From our many bases, Roke Technologies supplies technical support, tool deployment services, data processing, interpretations, and petrophysical support for a host of Quad Neutron Logging applications.


Roke is a privately held organization and was originally founded as Roke Oil Enterprises in 1967 by Keith Banks in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  As a mining services company, Roke provided specialized measurements for grading Uranium, Copper and Coal.

Formal R&D was started in 1972 to develop fit for purpose downhole oilfield measurement devices including through casing resistivity and through casing porosity.  While working with field data, the observation was made that the multi-neutron device used for the through casing porosity measurement, was sensitive to fluid changes in these formations.  Research was conducted to create a neutron device that could provide accurate saturation measurements through pipe. The technological achievement from this research and development is today called the Quad Neutron.

In 2008, Roke Oil Enterprises sold it’s operating assets, including all of it’s intellectual property, to a new management team under the name of Roke Technologies Ltd.  Since that time, Roke Technologies has further advanced the Quad Neutron technology, and has conducted thousands of reservoir evaluations using the Quad Neutron tool in various countries around the world.