Through pipe (thru-pipe) formation evaluation logging for the global upstream oil & gas sector is at the core of a range of Roke products and services. Our patented Quad Neutron logging technology enables clients to enjoy a uniquely accurate down hole evaluation and remediation experience. Customer driven and technically focused, Roke applies consistent and significant R&D toward development of a wider range of products and services that support our core Quad Neutron technology in expanding global markets.

Quad Neutron

Quad Neutron log measurements are at the center of Roke’s client driven down hole services.  Unique and patented, the Quad tool has been field tested in a wide range of harsh environments and consistently provides valuable results.

Vent Flow Solutions

Roke has a long history in assisting operators with Vent Flow solutions.  The Quad Neutron and Sound Hound contribute to a process that reduces time and cost in vent flow remediation.

Case Histories

Although we expend significant resources on R&D to characterize the physics of the Quad Neutron, the real proof of the technology is in the well to well results. We have amassed case studies from all over the world that show, over and over, the significant economic value delivered by Quad Neutron measurements and services