We have developed significant operational capacity within easy reach of many strategic areas around the globe.  Each location is equipped with a field logging base housing technical sales support and field operations staff.  Depending on the location, tool deployment is furnished through our own dedicated logging units, or through alliances with highly regarded third party wireline suppliers.  Many locations have additional services that augment our core Quad Neutron logging capabilities.


Calgary, Canada is our home base, head office, and original location. Operationally, Canada has field bases in both Calgary and Grande Prairie, equipped with the following:

  1. Wireline units
  2. Fully trained field operations personnel
  3. Quad Neutron tools
  4. Memory tools
  5. Pipe deployment equipment
  6. Coiled tubing and tubing pump down gear
  7. Portable Warriors for third party deployment
  8. Vent Flow service gear (Vent Nanny, Bond Tools, Sound Hound noise tools)
  9. Geotechnical logging equipment
  10. Other specialty service gear

In addition to Canadian Solutions and Administrative staff, Calgary houses support for our entire global operations which includes: R&D, manufacturing, software, and petrophysical processing.

United States